Monday, January 30, 2012

My plate is too full

I can't focus.

I'm not getting anything done.

I can't spit out any cohesive thoughts.

I need a lifeline.

People just keep adding to the pile, I need it to be July!

(or this could all just be the clo.mid talking)


Life Happens said...

If I was there, I would jump right in and be your life line!

I hope things get better. Just take it one task at a time. :)

Gretchen said...


Stephanie said...

This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't been in the classroom. I just want to send you some empathy...this time of year is REALLy hard. I remember going into survival mode between Christmas and spring break. Be good to yourself!

Lori said...

Lots of similarities (though never had any pain with endo...never even KNEW I had it until surgery!) with the PCOS and endo...and teaching, ha ha, though I'm not anymore. I also remember this time. All gung-ho to get back to school after Christmas break for about 32 minutes. Then...ugh. How long til spring break? I also remember the fun of National Boards. Best wishes on that!!! Hope your doctor situation gets cleared up. SUCH a difference when you feel like you have someone with a plan!

Nicole said...

Give it a week sweetie.. maybe it is the Clomid talking. I remember Clomid making me so unclear with all my thoughts.

If I was there I'd help you with all I could! At the very least we could sit together on a couch watch a movie and eat popcorn.