Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok, so I'm only a few days late on the ICLW bandwagon this month. I skipped last month because I thought I would be too busy, and then this month I missed the first 3 days! So Sorry about that! I promise I'm trying to make up for all the missed comments. Here's a little bit about me

I'm Erika, I teach 1st/2nd graders this year, I have 1 amazing husband, and one adorable westie named Tuffy. (A few weeks ago Tuffy came to school to meet the class... oh how they loved him, AND HE SURE loved THEM!)
Here are some fun facts about me:
I am the new gospel doctrine teacher for my church, which terrifies me.
I love all things San Diego... I wish I could live there.
I am on the search for the perfect (to me) Chille Relleno
I'm the oldest of 5 kids, and I definately have "oldest child syndrome"
I love Mountain Dew.
I'm addicted to reality television, I don't know why...
I've had the "Maybe I'm pregnant" thought cross my mind MULTIPLE times this year, although I know I'm not. (why does that happen?)
I LOVE all things Disney. My favorite movie as of late is Meet the Robinsons... the "Keep moving forward" tag is my mantra. I can't wait for UP to come out on DVD. I LOVED that movie!
Anyway, moving on...
John is back in school to get a teaching degree while working full time so that is quite challenging as well.

We live in a rural area with the closest RE's at least 2 hours away. So needless to say we haven't done anything for a long 5 years. I have endo and PCOS. A lot of weight loss is the big next step. Hopefully by the time we feel like we need to proceed we'll both be healthier ;)

I love life right now. Not all days, but most. The rest of this year is going to be full of exciting things. I will have new nephew within the next 2 weeks (hopefully!). My brother comes home from his 2 year mission for church. And Christmas this year will be celebrated at home, in Indy, for the first time since my dad passed away with everyone else around, including all my new "step-family". I promise to share all the ups and downs along the way!

One thing is certain. My life is NEVER the same two days in a row!

Yearly Check up

Well, to sum up I felt like a complete idiot. I've been talking about getting/needing to get another laporoscapy done because I've been in so much pain for a while now. However, after telling the Dr. about all of my issues the last few months nothing was even mantioned except to up my metformin. So that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully it will help with the weight gain. I don't know, maybe I should have brought up the lap, but I felt so stupid, so I didn't. I may be headed back to the Dr. soon though if the pain persists and requesting one. I'm just so frustrated and defeated, but oh well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reasons Why I Hate Leaving MY House

So yesterday wasn't a great day for feeling well (at least in the afternoon/evening). I didn't realize until after trying on some clothes how HUGE I looked... Now you're probably wanting to say "Oh I'm sure it was in your head" At least that's what I said to myself.... however the lady (a stranger mind you) in the mall that walked up to me and RUBBED MY BELLY and asked WHEN ARE YOU DUE? Obviously didn't think it was all in my head. I simply told her January and walked away... Dumbfounded and laughing histarically at no one in particular.

It was either that or cry.

Please giggle at my story with me.

And NO I'm NOT pregnant at all, promise!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Topics and discussions and giveaways of "HOPE" have been circulating around my little corner of the infertility/adoption blogosphere lately. I saw this on therhouse blog this morning. I've definately been lacking hope as of late. But I've also been clutching onto the little bit that I have with all that I can. I know I NEED that hope. I NEED the positive reminders of all that could ONE DAY be. I MUST keep BELIEVING. This is amazing, and must be shared.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Show and Tell: Swine Flu Edition

Show and Tell

Make sure to check out what the rest of the class is showing!

So I have THE CUTEST 1st and 2nd graders! A couple of weeks ago I had swine flu (see previous post) and missed two days of work. Both days the kids wrote me get well cards. And while the letters all said the same thing, their pictures are hilarious! I'll let you interpret them how you will. The last one is by far my favorite... seeing as I fell off my couch laughing hysterically when I saw it... TOO FUNNY!

OK... Here's the best one :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crap...My favorite word lately...

Well I had to cancel my appointment for my yearly OBGYN visit (CRAP!) because the day before I found out I had


Crap! Me of all the people... but alas I'm alive and survived it.

So I called to reschedule and they can't get me in for 3 more weeks! (CRAP!) I may die between now and then. There are a lot of signs pointing to another Laparoscapy being in my VERY near future. I'm sure if I called them (if I wasn't working while the office was open since they're in a different time zone) they could get me in sooner, but because of the time issue I'm going to have to take off at least part of a day of work... grrr it's just really obnoxious. (CRAP!)

I've been trying to put on a happy face and be social, and cordial, and my usual happy bubbly self (ok, that makes me sound WAY nicer than I actually am, but oh well)... but tonight I must have looked as crappy as I feel because NO ONE was buying my usual, I'm doing great, bit. (CRAP!) But that's what happens when you're in almost constant pain. I think I've had 2 days in the last 2 weeks that I've not been hurting.

But alas, nothing can be done this very instant so on to happier things...

I'm going to have THE BEST Show and Tell post this week. It is pictures from the get well cards my kids drew me while I was out with Swine Flu. THEY ARE SO HILARIOUS! I fell off my couch laughing at the one... I can't wait to share :) Have a great week!