Monday, July 18, 2011


Overall, the results were fantastic meaning they confirmed things we already knew and confirmed I didn't have things my doc was concerned I might.
  • Great cortisol levels (possibly even a little low in the morning) means no cushing's disease/syndrome which means no tumor, no surgery, no radiation!
  • Great sugar numbers means no diabetes... even right after drinking the nasty orange drink they were within normal range! Meaning years of met.formin has done what its supposed to do, however I did go off the metf.ormin for 4 days prior to getting my blood drawn. (also if anyone can tell me in normal people terms what exactly met.formin does, I'd greatly appreciate it!)
  • normal thyroid, estrogen
  • super high testosterone(I'm at the high end for guys which is 100 times more that what a girl should have) ... this confirms PCOS which my RE calls excess androgen syndrome (which he did the research making this a disease/syndrome... so he knows lots about it and since he doesn't call it PCOS is the reason why I never remembered him saying I had PCOS... it all makes sense now!)
  • my 17 Hydroxyprogesterone number was also really high... which means I could have had multiple follicles ready to ovulate. Huge since that's my biggest obstacle.
The downside... cause you knew there had to be one. My cholesterol is also really high my LDL puts me in the moderate risk range, but my HDL (the good stuff) is almost double where it needs to be. Moral of the story.... I have to exercise, which you all know how self motivated I am. So I'm trying to do more of that.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Whirlwind Week: RE appointments

WOW! So much has happened this week... I'm having a hard time even processing it all, and that it's only been a week. If I got this much done in any "normal" week my house would be spotless, I'd be an excellent cook, I'd bake cookies for all my neighbors, and I'd have 3 jobs!

Monday morning we drove to Salt Lake (usually at least 5 hours from our house) to see the RE. We got to the office in record time, 4 hours and 45 minutes!!! So we were at least 1 hour early for our actual appointment. This was a very good thing, because when we got there... the RE's office was no longer in that building. I tried calling their office and it was doing some weird ring. So I go in and ask at the pharmacy in the medical building we were at and they tried calling and it did the same thing to them. But they told me where they thought the office was. I looked up the hospital, called them, and got connected. Lucky for me, we figured out where we needed to go and it was only a few miles away.

When we finally got there... we waited for 1 1/2 hours... I guess it's not always good to be so early ;) That evening the RE took my history, explained some things to us we were concerned about, like the possibility of a uterine abnormality, and finally asked how we were handling all this emotionally (that's when I finally lost it, cause you know I can't lie). But I did pretty well. Relatively speaking. By the time we were done, the office was closed and all the office staff had gone home, the lights were all out, and we were locked in. lol Needless to say, if for no other reason than to feel understood, for the first time, with all of our concerns, was well worth the drive!

That night we headed back to stay with my aunt and uncle. It is always a pleasure to be in their company and they were so gracious to let us stay with them with only a day's notice. If you read this, Thanks again!!!

The next afternoon we headed back to Salt Lake for the exam portion of the RE appointments. It was of course uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as it used to be back before he did my laparoscopy and found/got rid of my endo, so that was wonderful to me. After noticing some various things, the RE reported that he things I have cushing's disease/syndrome. I just found this website, but all ready it's much more helpful than anything else I've read. It's scary... the words that keep zipping through my brain are MRI, tumor, surgery, radiation. I know that this is not even a diagnosis yet (because that in and of itself is hard to get), however, after reading what I have read... I have almost ALL of the symptoms. (One of which is difficulty remembering I have a possible legitimate cause!)

I'll write a seperate post about what we're doing moving forward, later.