Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show and Tell: Zion National Park... IN THE SNOW!

Awhile ago I asked John to take me to Zion National Park the next time it snowed up there. I loved it up there this summer and couldn't wait to see it in the snow. And honestly, it's a magical place, especially in the snow... I can't tell you how many times I said to John, "It's just perfect!"
We arrived and it was still snowing. As we journeyed further up the canyon we got more snow, but the clouds began to clear as well. I know there were a TON of perfessional photographers up there that day that probably did a much better job capturing the magic, but I LOVE our pictures! We took over 150 pictures in just under 3 hours. Here are some of my favorites!

Now, go check out what the rest of the class is showing over at Mel's!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Uproar over Giuliana and Bill

I'm just going to preface this by saying that I really like this show. I liked it when it started and had nothing to do with infertility. I like it because Giuliana is TOTALLY oblivious as to the real world and doesn't seem to care and I've liked Bill since he was on the Apprentice (season 1 winner). It's a good stress reliever show for me, because some of the things they talk about are just SO out there in fantasy land and have not much to do with the real world. As in Giuliana doing actupuncture to help her be able to ride in a plane Bill is flying. Who does things like that?


I've watched every episode of this show. This is the second season (I think). And while Giuliana is a bit ditsy and OBVIOUSLY doesn't have any grasp of what the real world is like they are going through the beginnings of infertility. I must admit that if people were filming me the first 8 months of TTC in my marriage where infertility wasn't a KNOW fact I would be a little naive at the same time.

Does she say the right things? NO! But did you at the beginning of infertility? Absolutely not.

Do they seek out advice from friends going through infertility and TOTALLY mess it up on camera? YES But were you perfect about talking to people you thought might be experiencing it at the very beginning of your own infertility experience? I know I wasn't!

I feel badly for them doing this ad. Can you imagine how you would feel put in that situation?

I mean these shows are shot months before they are aired, so how long ago did they find out they were going to have trouble TTC? They aren't pregnant yet, so this struggle is real. Just because they can right off the bat decided adoption/IVF or whatever else they decide because they have the money, doesn't make it hurt any less, I'm ALMOST postive of that.

I know what my first reation to Mel's post was. It was very similar to her's and countless other commenters. However, after thinking about it and talking about it with my husband I felt bad for them. I felt badly that they had to go through that photo shoot and have their troubles concieving exploited for television advertisment purposes.

So while what I think doesn't really matter, I truly hope that their TTC/IF journey is short. I know mine hasn't been AT ALL and I don't wish it on anyone. Despite where they live, what their job is, how much money they have, or how advertising for their TV show is portrayed.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello Fellow ICLWers! This is my FAVORITE time of the month! Can't wait to get to know more of you nad find more blogs to read regularly!

You can go read my other intro posts to get to know more about me. Nothing has changed, except the new question I've been asking myself a lot lately... "What does a teacher do that doesn't want to teach anymore and they economy is crap?" I'm open to ANY and ALL suggestions/answers. I just really don't know if I can teach again next year, none of the possibilities seem plausible to be better than this year, which has been HARD to say the very least.

The other thing I HAVE to add is that Kym over at I'm a Smart One is hosting the 2nd Sock it to Me exchange. I missed out last year by 2 DAYS so I'm thrilled to be participating this year! Be sure to check it out and JOIN! I don't know about you, but comfy socks are one of my favorite things!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Show and Tell: Indianapolis Children's Museum

Be sure to check out what the "rest of the class" is showing!

Christmas Eve the Indianapolis Children's Museum offered free admission to the general public. I LOVED the Children's Museum when I was a kid and talk to John about it all the time so we talked with my family and got most of them to go with us. We had a blast, and although it was really crowded, got to see A TON of really cool stuff. Some of our favorites were
  • The DinoSphere was on of our first stops. It was really cool. They turned the old IMAX theater into this exhibit and have ALL kinds of dinosaur bones and replicas on display. Logan had a great time "getting into it"!! They also have real palaeontologists around to answer questions.

  • "Take me there: Egypt" exhibit, especially since Dana had just been there. I didn't get any pictures because there were SO many people and it was SO hot I didn't spend much time in there.
  • "Fireworks of Glass" exhibit by Dale Chihuly who did the ceiling at the Bellagio. Here are pictures from his exhibit. The best part was the Plastic couch thing you laid on to look up at the ceiling below the big tower so you don't strain your neck like Tanner and John are doing.

  • "Star Wars The Clone Wars (animated series)" They also had outfits warn by various actors in one of the films on display. We had a little too much fun with the murals... as you can see ;)

  • One of the neatest things was the GIGANTIC Gingerbread house.

We had a great time! The only thing that would have made it better was if everyone else would have come too... wisdom teeth removal... no fun!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm a Winner so "I'm the BEST!"

First, let me preface this by saying this post is LONG overdue! I thought I published it a LONG time ago (the written date on it was November 3rd). So I apologize up front for not doing this sooner!

OK, I don't know if you ever played Mario Kart on Nintendo 64, but my family (especially my husband) is known for saying all of the character's little phrases. When Princess Peach wins she says "I'm the BEST!" So now, that I've won a few things over the last few months it's been my catch phrase.

I figured I was being totally rude by not mentioning the cool things I've won from the wonderful ladies out in the IF blogosphere.

Back in September I won a copy of

my big old stone-soup-of-a-project book

Click here to learn more about the book

Click here to buy your own copy.

Mel's book from Danielle at TTC Connections . It is an excellent book and helpful no matter what stage of this journey your on, or if your a loved one/friend of someone on this journey. Thanks to Danielle for sharing this book with me, and good luck to her on her journey TTC!!!!

Then in October I won an Endofemm

from Jenn at Chasing that Dream. I LOVE this product. It works great for me. I holds heat for a long time, it stays exactly where I need it, unlike a regular heating pad. And despite my husband making fun of the shape of it, he has commented on how much I use it. Thanks Jenn and good luck on your foster to adopt journey!

Make sure to visit each of these ladies and cheer them on through their journeys!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Show and Tell

Be sure to check out what the rest of the class is sharing!

Alright so I know I'm a few weeks behind, but I HAVE to share the most meaningful Christmas present I've gotten in a long time. This is a gift my sister brought me back from Jerusalem where she spent the last 4 months on a studying abroad. She had some amazing experiences so be sure to check out her blog. Anyway, she knows, she reads, she cares about this IF journey I'm on. She's my rock. She brought me back many things from Jerusalem... A couple nativity ornaments for the tree, a beautiful scarf and this beauty...

Even writing this now it means so much to me. I was confused for a minute...All I could get out of my mouth was "Is it a pomegranate?" When she said yes, I did my very best not to cry and said thank you a hundred times in my head (everyone around was kind of clueless so me being all gushy would have brought more attention and tears). No one else understood, not even John. But she and I, shared a very special moment. It was right then I knew how much my sister loved me and cared about me, enough so, to read what I can't say out loud and she acted on it. To know the deepest desire of my heart and acknowledge it. No one, EVER, has given me a gift like this before. I am truly grateful, although I didn't ever tell her how much this means to me, I know she'll read this and know. As the tears roll down my checks writing this... Let's hope this thing works wonders! I love you little sis! Thanks for the amazing, heartfelt gift!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Goals

I'm not one for making new year's resolutions. I never have been. However, I've been changing a lot of things about me lately, so why not the whole resolution making, i mean keeping thing, right? I have made several different goals; all which are only small changes to things I already do, but, will(hopefully) round me out to a happier, healthier, better me.

Blogging Goals
#1 Comment on 4 out of 5 blog posts I read. Honestly, I love comments. I think others like comments. I read so many blog posts and NEVER EVER leave a comment. I follow countless numbers of blogs that I read religiously and NEVER comment on their posts. So, while I know some posts I just won't be able to respond nicely to, so I won't respond at all, MOST I love and I need to share that with the author. So many people I respect and appreciate their "life sharing" through their blogs. This should get a great head start with the Creme de la Creme list and ICLW throughout the year!

#2 Participate in ICLW 10 times this year.

#3 Participate in Mel's Show and Tell at least twice a month.

This means your guaranteed 3 posts a month people... isn't that exciting! Shamefully low goal, but I know I can do it!

#1 Read the entire Old Testament of the Bible this year. I kind of feel like this is cheating since I am the ONLY teacher now for Gospel Doctrine and we're studying the Old Testament this year... but I've only read it once before (all the way through) and I was in high school, so I'm putting my mind to it and doing it this year, with good, albeit cheater pants, motivation.

#1 Try counting my calorie intake. I've never done it before. I think it will help me make more informed eating decisions and therefore encourage better eating habits... aka not eating a whole _____ (fill in the blank with whatever unhealthy snack you want) as soon as I get home from school. I'm not going to obsess about it... this I'm not going to not eat things I enjoy, but, I may eat less of them in one sitting! I need a baseline, somewhere to compare to.

#2 Cook on Wednesday night at least 15 times this semester while John's in class. This will save us money, help us be healthier, and strengthen my marriage... it's the one thing John put on his "Something Erika can do to make me Happy" list. So I can do it!

#1 End 2010 with less debt than I have right now.

So you see, being the teacher I am, each of these goals are measurable, realistic, and EVERYONE can see if I've done them or not.
It makes me more accountable.
I means I actually may accomplish some of these goals.
I means that I may make some real progress in life this year.

Ha, ha, ha.

And it means that they may only last this week...

but seriously I WANT to do this.

I WANT it to be a year long thing!

Oh Goodness... I'm gonna need TONS and TONS of encouragement people! (I'm regretting this already)

Happy New Year!