Monday, March 4, 2013

My first Donors Choose Project

Hey everyone! I had so many good intentions of posting this last week. However, we had lots of traveling, school events, funerals, and a broken computer which all play into why its getting posted now. From my phone.... hence the lack of built in links (note to blogger... id like your app much better if i could put pictures where i wanted them and hyperlink.)

So, have you heard of Donors Choose? basically its a place where teachers can go and write grants for materials they need in their classrooms and people can choose which projects to donate to. So, I've been a member of donors choose for YEARS now, but never written up a project until now. If you'd like to see my project copy and paste the link below (sorry I can't hyperlink it!)

For today and tomorrow only you can use the promo code INSPIRE and your donation to my project will be matched. So if you donate $20, $40 will be added to my project. Plus, it's all tax deductible! Love it!

If you can't donate now and want to later, you can still use the link. The only difference is, there won't be the promo code for matching.

Thanks in advance for supporting me and my classroom!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Undiscussed Reality

I'm going to be very frank. I've chosen, after 9 years, the reality that I never wanted to consider as a possibility during that time.

I think there were moments of clarity during the last 9 years, when I'd realize that everyone doesn't end up with a baby of their own through miracles with treatments or adoption.

I read 1 blog in 9 years about a couple who had chosen to live child free, but she's stopped blogging, however she did recently post about a support group.

I think it's important to realize that this is reality for several people living with infertility.

They don't get to Resolve their infertility with children. At all. Ever.

I wish there were more of an outspoken community for us. Sometimes I feel as though I don't even fit in with the infertile community anymore because I'm living the reality no one wants to consider. Including me. Over the last 9 years.

However, I thankfully have zero regrets.

I think lots of people "feel bad for me" because "I'd be such a great mom". Or so I'm told every time our situation comes up in conversation.

However, I want people to stop feeling sorry for me and let us, John and I, be enough. It's enough for us, why can't it be enough for everyone else, too?

Anyway, I don't know how often I'll blog in this space, but I am going to keep it going, because, even though no one wants to consider this reality... When it becomes yours, I'll be here to sympathize with you.