Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trying Again

Well, after almost 6 years of trying to maintain the Endo, being diagnosed with PCOS and trying to maintain that, being scared, being scarred, and finally coming to terms with and accepting the fact that children may never be a part of our family; we're trying again!!

To be honest, we're not really sure how we ended up here, but we feel really good about it, whatever the outcome may be. John's decided he's doing this because he wants definitive answers. I of course am WAY more hopeful and optimistic that the end result of all of this may be what we've been waiting for.

Here's a little back story as to what's been going on and lead us to now.

We discussed trying again at length before my yearly appointment, but never came to a decision, it just didn't feel right, either way. While at that appointment, at the end of October, I asked a couple of questions about what trying again would look like (since there's no RE's for at least 100 miles) but nothing concrete. She put me on some meds to help me loose weight and said that have to be monitored every month. Also on the way out she mentioned that because of some things I said, I should probably have my thyroid checked.

So for the last month, I've been taking my new meds and having all of the lovely side effects mentioned in the information packet. Including having rare, but extreme, dizzy spells. So as we neared the follow up appointment I asked John to come with me since I knew the thyroid test would = blood drawn. (Drawing blood ALWAYS makes me super dizzy and I wanted to make it back home in 1 piece) So, last Monday, I shoved all my students on their buses and told John to "Fly like the wind, Bullseye!" as we raced to make it to the appointment on time. (for the record we were 5 minutes late, and I did call and tell them, they laughed at me!)

When we got in the room and started discussing my current meds, side effects, how it's working, and all of a sudden we were talking about how aggressive (aka some sort of progesterone supplement and clomid) we wanted to start out. I don't even remember who asked first or how it came up. We had not planned any of it, and somehow we walked out of the office with 4 different prescriptions and 3 different orders for tests.

So I have 3 BC pills left and then, off we go!