Monday, July 18, 2011


Overall, the results were fantastic meaning they confirmed things we already knew and confirmed I didn't have things my doc was concerned I might.
  • Great cortisol levels (possibly even a little low in the morning) means no cushing's disease/syndrome which means no tumor, no surgery, no radiation!
  • Great sugar numbers means no diabetes... even right after drinking the nasty orange drink they were within normal range! Meaning years of met.formin has done what its supposed to do, however I did go off the metf.ormin for 4 days prior to getting my blood drawn. (also if anyone can tell me in normal people terms what exactly met.formin does, I'd greatly appreciate it!)
  • normal thyroid, estrogen
  • super high testosterone(I'm at the high end for guys which is 100 times more that what a girl should have) ... this confirms PCOS which my RE calls excess androgen syndrome (which he did the research making this a disease/syndrome... so he knows lots about it and since he doesn't call it PCOS is the reason why I never remembered him saying I had PCOS... it all makes sense now!)
  • my 17 Hydroxyprogesterone number was also really high... which means I could have had multiple follicles ready to ovulate. Huge since that's my biggest obstacle.
The downside... cause you knew there had to be one. My cholesterol is also really high my LDL puts me in the moderate risk range, but my HDL (the good stuff) is almost double where it needs to be. Moral of the story.... I have to exercise, which you all know how self motivated I am. So I'm trying to do more of that.


Lee Family said...

So glad to hear that you don't have Cushings. Great to hear all the other good news too. Sorry about the Cholesterol, that really stinks. I just found out that mine's borderline high. Too bad we don't live closer, it would be nice to have a workout buddy, I would probably actually do it more. ;)

Nicole said...

all in all this is great news!

Massie said...

I started following you, I hope you don't mind. I can't wait to read more of your blog. I have Endometriosis as well, and I'm looking to follow and have followers with similar situations as well :) Hope to hear from you soon!!