Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reasons Why I Hate Leaving MY House

So yesterday wasn't a great day for feeling well (at least in the afternoon/evening). I didn't realize until after trying on some clothes how HUGE I looked... Now you're probably wanting to say "Oh I'm sure it was in your head" At least that's what I said to myself.... however the lady (a stranger mind you) in the mall that walked up to me and RUBBED MY BELLY and asked WHEN ARE YOU DUE? Obviously didn't think it was all in my head. I simply told her January and walked away... Dumbfounded and laughing histarically at no one in particular.

It was either that or cry.

Please giggle at my story with me.

And NO I'm NOT pregnant at all, promise!


Lee Family said...

*GASP* I will try and giggle for you. I probably would have cried after, but that's me. Good for you for being so quick witted. ;)

Dana Blackburn said...

oh my. Laughing out loud right now. :) Um but only in the "Wow. That's ridiculous someone would say that" kinda way. :) Loves loves loves!!!

Life Happens said...

You're stronger than I am! I would have cried like a baby!

Some people just don't know any better! Sorry!

Just Another Jenny said...

Oh no!

It was so kind of you to make something up. Imagine how mortified she would have been. (Then again, it's kind of weird that she would walk up to a random stranger and rub her belly. CREEPY!)

ABW Photography said...

I know exactly how you feel. I get that question all the time. My fave response is "I'm not pregnant, but if you keep your hand there you WILL feel a kick."
I enjoy reading your blog. I, too, have endo and PCOS.