Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I decided since there were only 4 comments I'd make something for all 4 of you!  

First winner is Hannah at Life Happens When You're Making Other Plans.  She has the sweetest baby Matthew who is just adorable.  In fact, click here to help him win the cutest baby contest!  

Second winner is Nicole at Whispered Words Forever Captured.  She's mom to one cute baby girl and she's also a huge advocate for Endometriosis Awareness.  

Third winner is Gretchen who blogs at Not enough devotion.  She's is one of my longtime friends and will be a lifetime friend.  I have 1 person from high school I ensure I stay in touch with and it's her.  She is a high school English teacher.  She is also the owner of one of the cutest big dogs Schmoo.  She's amazing and I adore her! 

The final winner is Nivette who blogs at a connors' conundrum.  Nivette and I have more things in common than not.  She was my college roommate for 2 whole years, we share the same birthday and so many other random things.  She is the mom of 2 and a master seamstress.  Go check her out on Etsy!  

So, let me know what you want me to make for you 4.  Thanks for reading and commenting! 


Life Happens said...

Thank you so much for posting about Matthew's contest! I sent you an email with a pict of a sock monkey hat. Let me know if that's too much for you to make for Matthew. I am in the planning stages of his first bday! Thanks!

Nivette said...

hehe, thanks :) Etsy has been so slow, but with lots of things that happened towards the end of the year, that has been a blessing! I have always wanted a nice and cozy crocheted scarf, but is that too time-consuming? I think the skinny ones that are long are cool, you can wrap it around a couple times. Let me know what you think, I could probably find a picture of one on etsy to give you an idea :)

Nicole said...

I wear a lot of red, blue, black, and grey. sooo... really you can have free artistic rein on mine! haha. I'm so excited :) I've never won anything before!