Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well it will either be the best decision we've ever made or by Tuesday we'll be pulling our hair out.

We finally cancelled our DirecTV.

2 1/2 years after our contract was up.

I LOVE TV and in our little realm of the universe it was our source of entertainment without having to drive 10 miles into town.  I have so many shows I love.  However, that's probably why now was the perfect time to get rid of it.

I couldn't swallow the price.  Not when we're trying to get all our bills paid.

We're still not sure if we have access to local TV.  We may pursue that avenue at a later date.

But for now, today was the most productive stay at home day I've had in a long while.  Especially with National Board.  Yay!


Nicole said...

Good luck!

Kristin said...

You'll be fine. As long as you have good internet access, most networks stream full versions of the most recent episodes of hit shows. There is also HULU and live streaming from Netflix.

Good luck on the family building/reproductive front.

ICLW #66

jenn said...

Good Luck! I think I'd go nuts without TV. But there is always things like Netflix or the shows you can get on the internet. :)

Endo_Life said...

Good luck. I myself am a bit of a telly addict but we would save a fortune if we cancelled our tv package!

Gretchen said...

Wow! That's definitely one way to get more done, though I feel as though I'd have to get rid of my internet connection too. I waste way too much time online.