Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oops! Happy 100th post to me; better late than never!

So, apparently I TOTALLY missed my 100th post.

OK, I didn't miss it.  It was my first post of 2012.

I just didn't acknowledge it.

This is post 104.  I'm determined to keep up blogging and hope to add another 100 posts this year alone... which looking at my history would be more than the last 3 years combined, go figure!

In honor of my 104th post, and my 5th day in a row blogging, and my recent craftiness, I've decided to have a little thank-you contest.

I'll give one of you that comment on this post something homemade or semi-homemade by yours truly.  I crochet, make jewelry, teach, and love scrap-booking and card-making.  You can pick your poison.  Also, if there's something you've found that you'd love to have me make you, link to it in your comment as well.  I'm not making any promises that I can make you what you link to, but I'll try my hardest! 

To enter, just leave a comment linking me to your blog, twitter account, email, or pintrest boards.   Make sure I have SOME way to let you know you won my little contest. 

This little contest will be open until Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 9pm MST.  Good Luck!

And thanks for reading! 

in full disclosure, no one is paying me or giving me anything to do this giveaway.  I will be providing the prize, materials, and man power to make it at my own expense i just love this online community and want to give a small piece of me back. 

Thank you for those of you who entered my little contest!  Winners chosen. 


Life Happens said...

I've enjoyed your posts the last few days!!! Congrats for hitting the over 100 post mark!

If I win, can you make me anything sck monkey?? Getting ready for Matthew's first bday next month!!

Nicole said...

Congrats for hitting the 100 mark! I guess I should go look where I am.. 142.. okay I missed my 100th one.. :(

I have no idea what I would want.. maybe jewelry I love earrings. I really am not picky. My website should be linked to this but I'll put it here just in case:

Gretchen said...

Ooh! I would love to win, though I have no idea what I would want you to make me.

Nivette said...

You KNOW I can't crochet to save my just never works! If I win, I will send something sewn your way ;)