Tuesday, January 24, 2012

YW President

In my church, all of the organizations are run by members, including our bishop. No one is paid. Everyone has outside lives and respondsibilities.

Sunday, 3 minutes before sacrament meeting started, I was called/asked to be the new Young Women's president. That means I'd be in charge of all the 12-18 year old girls. I said yes, because I already knew it was coming.

You see, my friend I wrote about that was moving away, was our YW president. I was serving with her. Ever since Wednesday I'd been discussing with my Heavenly Father about all the reasons why it couldn't and shouldn't be me.

Obviously He had other plans. I'm sure He's having a good laugh. It's a good thing He knows His eternal plan for me. Because my short sighted plan-seeing self is very overwhelmed.


Lee Family said...

I'm sure it overwhelming news right now, but it's also wonderful. You will be an amazing YW president!

Mom said...

I completely agree with Jenny. You will be amazing!

Life Happens said...

The Lord will bless you and you will be awesome at your calling! I am the YW secretary and I love being around the girls.