Friday, January 13, 2012

The year of 10th anniversary begins

Ok, so the years of 10th anniversaries technically began last June 15th which would have been the 10th anniversary of our first meeting.  Then, the random day in late November when we started chatting online.  And of course the 10th anniversary of the infamous Christmas Eve phone call that I made from my garage while home in Indy visiting my family.  But some people say none of that counts... so for them

10 years ago this weekend John and I went on our first date.

Our lunch at the Morris Center on BYU campus was the first time we'd spent with each other for longer than 5 minutes.  I had several girls eating lunch at the same time within eyesight just in case it didn't work out I could signal them.  However, between that lunch meeting (because I refuse to say it was a date seeing as I (ok really my parents because they bought me the meal plan) paid and had a back up plan ready) and our official first date that evening, I KNEW I was going to marry him.

I knew so certainly I didn't want to go on the date with him!  I was terrified.  Not to mention I was determined NOT to be one of those girls that went off to BYU and got married their first year.  So, when I went to meet him for our date, he met me with a dozen purple roses.  I used this time, taking the roses up to put them in water, to freak right out and telling anyone that would listen that I just couldn't go on this date.

But I did go.

And I'm SO thrilled I did.  I can't imagine my life without him.

We went to see the 10th anniversary release of Beauty and the Beast in the IMAX theater.

And so for this 10th anniversary of our first date Disney decided, just for us, to re-release Beauty and the Beast in 3D.

Of course, we're going.  It will be absolutely lovely.  I bet neither one of us realized what a perfect first date that was when we went.  I have a feeling we may be having one of these very dates every ten years for the rest of our lives... and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Love you John!

ps I promise to post pictures of my dozen purple roses he brings me since I told him it wouldn't be the same without them and pictures of our pages I scrapbooked from our first date sometime soon! 


Life Happens said...

What a special anniversary. It's like Disney KNOWS it's your anniversary!!

Gretchen said...

How amazing that you get to go on almost the same date 10 years later! I'm so inspired by you guys and your marriage! And more than a little jealous of the purple roses;)

Lee Family said...

I'm so glad you decided to keep the date with him. Love you! :)