Monday, January 9, 2012

Taco John's

So, my husband is the BEST cook.

I know, I know I'm a lucky lady.  He also does the laundry and the dishes!  He truly is amazing.  This semester he's not taking classes and so that means for the last 9 days I've gotten a home-cooked delicious meal.

I like most everything that John makes.  There's been a few of his cooking experiments (Experiments 626 to be exact) that we both haven't loved but he's gotten really good at making things we like.  However, there is rarely a day that goes by where he doesn't lament my dislike of eggs.  He's gotten me to like a lot of things, maybe in our next ten years I'll change my mind about eggs.

I've posted many pictures before of all of the yummy creations he whips up for dinner each night.  However, one of my most favorite meals he makes for me is tacos.  These are 'authentic', or at least more so than the 'Blackburn style tacos' I have to beg him for when I'm feeling homesick.

My favorite part of having a big Sunday dinner of roast beast, potatoes and carrots.  (OK, yes I did write roast beast instead of roast beef. I blame my husband and The Grinch.  That's always what he's called it and it is now just in my everyday vocabulary.)  

Anyway, tonight, Taco John's was open for business and the tacos were delicious as usual!  Good thing I don't have to share him or his tacos with anyone else.


Life Happens said...

He cooks and cleans?! You hit the jack pot! LOL

Nicole said...

ooo lucky lady!!

Lee Family said...

I need him to come cook for me, I'm tired of cooking. Although, James did make dutch oven potatoes the other night. ;)
Dang it! Now I'm craving tacos. :)

Gretchen said...

I'm jealous! All my husband ever cooks me is Digiorno pizza;)