Thursday, January 19, 2012

A problem with being related to me...

I feel really guilty.

I mean, I know I didn't DO anything to cause this to happen.  I also know there isn't a reason why this happened.  Also, there's nothing more I could have done to prevent this from happening. Ugh! Regardless, I still feel awful.

My one and only sister also has PCOS and endo.  She has always been reluctant to believe me that I knew what her pain was from and to listen to the *wise* words I offered her.

Currently, my sister is serving a full time mission for our church.  She hasn't been on BCP for a long time... She says, "I don't like how they make me feel."  Which, I can totally understand, but take them regardless because of the benefits.  

She's been having a really rough go. She's been in some constant pain for years.  However, it has gotten severe since she started on her mission.  She also has a huge and growing cyst on her ovary... (I'm saying its most likely an endometrioma).  Her 1 female doctor that is on her insurance has been blowing her off over the last 3 months.

By some miracle she ended up seeing one of the other doctors in the practice.  His first question was... "Why hasn't she removed this?" So hopefully before the month is up she'll have had surgery to remove the huge cyst and the endo.  Of course the doctor told her there were risks with the surgery, namely that they may end up having to take the whole ovary... and my mother's words of what were said "but you only need one".  Oh how I cringed and laughed out loud in annoyance at nonchalance of it all.

I'm so hoping this will help her be in less pain.  I'm so sorry this is what it's come to for her.  I always was wishing she wouldn't have to be on the same path as I am.  However, I'm thrilled she'll finally be able to get the help she needs and hopefully be able to finish out the last 6 months of her mission pain free.

She's my hero!


Gretchen said...

I'm sure that it's helpful to her to have you knowing what she's going to, even if she doesn't always want to listen to your advice;) I'm thinking of and praying for both of you!

Life Happens said...

I hope she will feel better and finish her mission. You are a great ans wise sister.

Lee Family said...

So sorry to hear about your sis. I'm so happy she finally got to see a doctor who will take care of her. Those cysts can be very dangerous. We will keep her in our prayers and pray that all goes well for her and her body. Send her our love when you talk to her next.

Nicole said...

I'll be thinking about her! I'm sorry your sis is going through all this. I worry about my sister (17) because she has such horrible periods as is.