Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being Social

This title makes me LOL...because I know how not social I tend to be.  Because face it, when you're hopped up on hormones one is usually not too pleasant to be around.  (just ask John)

However the last two Fridays we've had dinner plans with friends.  Both times we had a blast.  Completely different types of people each time as well.  I think I need to get out and be more social more often.

I find, I'm so much happier getting out and having that time where I'm allowed to not think about National Board writing, planning, video taping etc.  Also, with the added 101 year celebration of learning for our community that I got put in charge of and of course my new church responsibilities.  I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Ok, face it.  A lot overwhelmed.

So, my goal is to do more social things with people that make me happy.  Like these last two weeks.  They've been amazing evenings and good stress relievers for me.  I feel my blood pressure dropping as I spend time with people I like.

This is a good goal because this next week I get to go to my niece's baptism.  She even called me herself and asked me to speak.  I adore her and I'm so excited!  Plus, my friend is coming into town with her family who I absolutely adore.  Next week will be a busy weekend but full of fun for me!

Well, now off to go type up some more for my National Board.  On today's agenda, the planning section for my Integrating Math and Science Lesson.  And if I get brave watching my Social Studies lesson.  (I'm really scared to do that for fear that it won't be what I need it to be).


Her Royal Fabulousness said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! We have a lot in common (PCOS, teaching, etc.). Good luck!

Life Happens said...

Surround yourself with happy people and you can't help but be happy too!