Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to school

So, today was the first day back to school.  It is AMAZING to me how much I ADORE some of the people I work with and how much I miss them when I don't get to see them 5 days a week and yet there are so many others that I hang out in the dark in my classroom pretending I'm not at school.  Do you all have that same sort of variety in your relationships with your co-workers?  Is this a normal feeling?

Regardless, I got to be back with my kiddos.  They're so much fun and truly why I keep at this job.  I'm just so dang attached to these families.  I've been here long enough that they know me and I have a reputation.

This year has been super stressful with trying to become Nationally Board Certified.  But, it'll all be over by the end of the year, with the classroom integrated tasks done by April.  I'm not looking forward to all of the typing I have to do over the next 3 months!  This may severely limit my blog posting... or maybe it will encourage it because it can be a nice distraction.  Either way at the end of this week I'll have less days left in the school year that we've already completed!  Yay!

Also, 3 days of 2012 and 3 blog posts.  This may be some sort of record for me.


Life Happens said...

It's nice to have great coworkers and students! Working from home , I miss having coworkers to chat with!

Gretchen said...

Yay for 3 posts in 3 days!

I don't have a hard time with specific people, more with their attitudes about certain things. In a school as small as ours, I know exactly where my coworkers stand on certain issues and get really tired of listening to them talk about it over and over again. Especially when it's something we don't have any control over (such as the pay scale). I figure if you can't do anything about it, then just get used to it and move on.

Also, are you becoming Nationally Board Certified or the school? What does that mean? I've never heard anything about it so I'm definitely intrigued.