Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Wednesdays are the LONGEST days of the week.  Especially right now.  I feel the need to share my Wednesday with you.  

6:40 alarm goes off. snooze til 10 after 7. 
7:40 Leave for school
7:45 arrive at school (run around like crazy person trying to get everything accomplished while at the same time forgetting to do all the REALLY important things like charge my video camera battery, ugh!)
8:30 school starts 
  • 8:55 got to spelling bee, spend 1 hour there... good-bye math
  • 10:00 sick student, Reading time
  • 11:40 take kids to lunch, run around like crazy person and try to eat my own lunch (today I actually got to eat lunch during lunch time because my mom came to school and she cooked it for me!)
  • 12:10 back to get the kids for small group
  • 1:00 Specials (today was computers) Get ready to video tape and completely loose track of time. Still forget to charge my video camera
  • 1:30 Prep students for video taping.  Review rules, procedures, and give examples.
  • 2:15 finally ready to video tape.  Have to re-adjust group locations so the video camera can be plugged in.  Should be able to pull 15 minutes out of 35 minutes worth of tape.  
  • 2:20 stop video taping to review rules and procedures.
  • 2:25 start video taping again.  
  • 2:50 stop video taping and scramble to get ready to go home in time. 
  • 3:05 finally headed to the bus
  • 3:15 finally start tutoring
  • 4:00 head to the bus
  • 4:05 argue with bus drivers who have chosen to not do what we told them yesterday to do
4:15 finally at National Board meeting
5:00 finally home
5:10 read scriptures
5:30 NBC nightly news (the only thing John MUST watch on TV)
6:00 get things ready for mutual
6:45 eat dinner
7:00 Mutual for Young Men and Young Women at the church (John and I are both working with the 12-18 years olds at church these days) 
8:45 arrive home from Mutual
9:00 exercise on the Wii
9:30 shower
10:00 blogging
10:30? bed

No wonder I'm so tired!  I'm sure all y'all don't really care, however this doesn't even take into account the number of times I heard "Mrs. Reyes" today.  LOL  Or the number of times I asked the same students to close their mouths or follow directions or try it by themselves.  Sheesh.  Anyway, I'm one busy lady.  Especially on Wednesdays.

Maybe tomorrow while everyone is at the tension filled school board meeting that I'm not allowed to go to (best doctor's orders EVER!) I'll go snuggle my friend's new baby some more.  I haven't seen her in a whole week!

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Life Happens said...

Mutual nights always make for a very long day!!

Hope you are having a better day today!