Monday, January 23, 2012

Field Trip

Today, the 2nd and 3rd graders went to Las Vegas on a field trip.  We were on the bus for a very long time, about 2 hours.

We headed to see the Secret Garden at the Mirage.  It was AMAZING!  We got to be just feet away from dolphins (so close, in fact, that I was concerned that one of my darling kids would drop their camera over the edge or worse one of them would fall in!).  We also saw lions, both white and golden tigers, and a black and spotted leopard.  The staff there were phenomenal with our kids and everything was very informational and well run.  We had a great guide, too.  My favorite part was seeing the newest baby dolphins.  The white tigers were also pretty amazing.  For being nocturnal, these guys were wide awake for us this morning!

It was probably one of the coolest field trips I've been on.  Definitely the one that was easiest for me to participate in because, thankfully, I wasn't in charge.

I'll try and get some pictures uploaded soon.  It was seriously cool!

The only downside, AF showed up in full force on the way down and I had no protective measures in place.  I didn't let it keep me down, at least not until I got home tonight.  It's been the first night where I've really missed my TV!  (yes, because 2 whole days of not missing it, is a big deal apparently!)


Natalie said...

Visiting from ICLW! ur post has me racking my brain to figure out what city ur in :) nothin worse than AF showing up univited. hope u still enjoyed ur trip!

Endo_Life said...

Sounds like an amazing field trip glad you had a good time, beside af arriving to try and spoil things. I am also wondering where you are to be two hours from Vegas. If I ever get to go back it would be great to have ideas of places to visit beyond the strip!

Hi from ICLW #18

Mom said...

I took my 2nd &3rd grade combo class there. I agree, it was the best field trip ever.