Monday, April 6, 2009

Sick, more questions, and the 2002 surgery report

Well last Saturday I headed to the store to do some grocery shopping. By the time I got there I wasn't feeling very well. Half-way through our shopping trip I had to go sit down because I was feeling so nauseous and dizzy. Luckily the store we were at had a Starbucks in it and a place for me to sit down while I waited for John to finish shopping. within the 10-15 minutes I sat there I had the lady working at Starbucks and two store managers over asking me 100 questions. All of the questions had to deal with if I could be or was pregnant... That was a fun day... it ended with throwing up 12 times and not even being able to keep down any liquids. I honestly thought for a minute that I was headed for the ER. I thought it was just a 24 hour thing, but Monday, Tuesday, and especially Wednesday I got some really nauseous spells at school. On Wednesday I had to teach reading from a chair (which I hardly ever do). I don't know what's up. But it hasn't been back so I must not have been much of anything.

On Wednesday morning I finally called the Dr.'s office because the infection I had either never went away completely or it came back. I also wanted to ask them if my dizziness and naseousness could be caused by the inffection... they said no. After talking to one of the nurses they called in a scrip for me and hopefully this time it will go away...completely... otherwise I have to actually go back into the dr. again. The dr. himself actually called me at work as well. That was a real surprise since I have only ever met him once. But he called to let me know he tracked down the operation report from my first lap. There was endo but it was not sever and was scattered. Because of this report, the recent ultrasounds, and his suspicion that I have IBS we're going to hold off on the surgery for a couple of months.


Jennifer said...

Wow that sucks. ((SUPER HUGS))

G said...

I'm SO sorry that you've been that sick:( That completely sucks. And since i haven't told you yet, thanks for sharing everything you do on this blog. Love you!

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you were so sick - I feel sick and dizzy a lot for no reason other than the endo and find that ginger, fennel or peppermint tea helps the best with the nausea - might be worth a try?

As for the lap report, I hope the dr doesn't put things off for too long because of his "suspicions". My endo wasn't extensive apparently and because of that and various other things my dr refused to believe the endo had returned. Having procedures and treatments put off when you're feeling rotten is difficult to cope with so I hope that things move along swiftly for you.