Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Walk of Hope

 This year it was a huge privilege for me to get to attend the Walk of Hope.  I was sure with national board that I wasn't going to get to go.  However, I worked it out to get some help from the AZ K-12 Center with national board and co-ordinate it with the Walk of Hope (I hate giving up things that mean a lot to me).  This also gave me an opportunity to see my dear friend who just moved down to the Phoenix area.  They also attended the Walk of Hope with us. 

The giveaways were AMAZING!  Thanks to everyone who was so generous!

There were a TON of people there.  It was a pretty awesome sight to see!  John and I didn't actually walk this year, but we volunteered getting a few things ready and hung out with our friends who had some other obligations and arrived a little after the group started walking.

It was great to get to see Lisa and Mya (hope I spelled names correctly!) who I met at last year's walk IRL.  It was also great to get to know I was in a place with other people who have felt the way I feel.  The lady who won the IVF cycle last year was there with her new baby.  That was a highlight for me... to know that some people find success... for REAL.  To see that little baby was life altering, I can't explain it in words the brain shift in my thinking that happened with seeing that little one.  But it was all very very good.

Also, having people I know there supporting me was priceless.  It meant more than they will ever know.  Thanks for all you do!

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