Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walk of Hope Scottsdale Giveaways 2012

I must say, I've loved volunteering for the 2012 Walk of Hope.  I've gotten the fun job!  Go shopping, find products I love and then solicit their shops and hope they're willing to take the leap for RESOLVE.

It has been really fun to try and find people willing to share their talents to better our cause and I've been so THRILLED with how amazing people actually are.

These are the shops that are donating items to be part of our giveaways on the day of the walk.  You should come, even if its just to win some of these amazing prizes!  Some I'm sure you've heard of, some I'm lucky enough to own products from.

Here's the list, in no particular order, with links to these shops.  Please support them, they've been so generous to support our community!

TKIDesigns has donated this oh so appropriate waiting necklace.

Suzy over at That's 2 Darn Cute donated one of her Chance to Hope bracelets.

Swish Designs is donating a gift certificate for a set of adorable Worth the Wait birth announcements.  I will use these one day if its ever my turn!  I LOVE them!  You like them too?  Go tell her on facebook!

the R house couture is donating a running t-shirt.  (they don't have it currently listed in their shop... but I've seen it on there before, plus everything they do is amazing!)  I have their eventually necklace, their brave necklace, and their everything happens for a reason necklace.   Plus I sent their fresh courage take necklace to my sister and have gifted their items to a few blogging buddies.  Serious love I have for them!  No joke! 

Metal Stamped Memories is donating this believe necklace.  I love the copper and silver together!  

Hope of my Heart is donating her For this child I prayed necklace.  GORGEOUS!  

Starz Jewelry is donating Her Hope and Pomegranate necklace.  I am in LOVE with this necklace!!!  I was given this Hope necklace by my SIL for Christmas a couple years ago.  I love it, too!!  

Jillianmb8 donated this have faith necklace.  Isn't it fantastic!  This phrase is something that can pertain to every situation in life.  

BugABoo Jewelry donated this Someday I will be a Mom locket.  One day I will own one of these lockets... This sentiment is one of my favorite.  Because one day, I will be a mom! :)

My Emmy baby is donating one of her customizable onsies. Here's the example she has up in her shop.

The Fertile Garden donated one of her beautiful bracelets.

There are a few additional shops, but I haven't heard back from them confirming their donation and allowing me to use their pictures and mention their donation.  So this may be updated later.

Thank you again, to all of the shop owners for supporting us!

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