Friday, March 16, 2012

Sister Update

It didn't work.

The surgery that is.

I got a call on Monday from my sister, on her mission.  (LDS missionaries don't call home, unless it's Christmas or Mother's Day.)

She told me she's in MORE pain than she was.  The doctor wants her to get Lup.ron shots.  He also said she may have to have another surgery.

I feel how let down she is through the phone.  She has a lot of guilt because she feels she can't do all the missionary work she should be doing. (her words... not mine)


I said I didn't ever go that route but then again surgery worked for me.  Here I am 10 years later (knocking on wood) better off than I ever thought I could be.

Do you have Lup.ron horror stories?  Or did it do the trick for you?

I told her not to google it... hopefully she listened!

Advice appreciated!


Gretchen said...

Praying for her! I'm so sad that she's in more pain now:(

Endo_Life said...

For me Lupron was great to relieve pain. Unfortunately there are many many side effects. I suffered from mood swings hot flashes and night sweats.

Mom said...

Praying for her, I hope she finds some sort of relief.