Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day in 3rd Grade

So for my kiddos at school I ALWAYS make individualized Valentine cards.  They are ALWAYS home made and I always write a special note to each one of them.  Not this year.  It just didn't happen.  I've been too busy and something had to give.  Unfortunately it was that.  However... Pinterest to the rescue!  I've been pinning Valentine ideas for a good month at least.  I used these two pins for my gifts to my kiddos.  The owl bookmarks are adorable, and my kids and I are always needing bookmarks.   The other was a starburst printable.  I can't find the pin at the moment, but I knew I had starbursts at school and could dress them up with this quick and easy printable.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and "grandma" (my mom).  She spoiled them with pencils, cookies to decorate, and more!!  She more than made up for me not being all thoughtful and prepared.

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