Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday John!

Yup, that's right.  John celebrated his 35th birthday on Thursday.

We had an extremely busy day.  I was at school for more than 12 hours.  It was our big 101 year celebration of being a school district.  (Yes that does mean we were a school district before AZ was a state!)

So needless to say, birthday cards from a bunch a 3rd graders (and their teacher) and a meal he didn't have to cook for dinner was about all the festivities he enjoyed on his actual birthday.

Oh, but of course the big news of the day is that we're going to have a new nephew.  That leaves my niece the only girl with soon to be 4 brothers.  (Why yes that did mean that Aunt Erika needed to step in and take her shopping.  One's never to young to learn the value of retail therapy!)

Yesterday we met up with his family and went to dinner at Outback.  I had the focaccia bread french dip or something like that.  It was delicious! I also tried out their new waffle brownie sundae.  Ate some yesterday and today and will have more tomorrow!  It's huge, and also very tasty!

Then he went to see Star Wars in 3D with his mom, nephew, and brother-in-law.  I saw pictures and heard all about the movie and all the people dressed up. It sounded like they had a good time!

Of course, his birthday festivities aren't over yet.  We still need to celebrate with my mom and Bob.  Then next weekend we'll head to Salt Lake for the 10 year anniversary of the Olympics events.  It will be a ton of fun!

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Lee Family said...

It was nice getting together, and Megan LOVES her new blouse. It looks really cute on. Now she keeps talking about staying with you this summer. :)