Friday, February 3, 2012

My Food Co-op or how I try and eat healthier

How do you get your fresh produce?  Are you a grow it yourself family?  Maybe you can afford to just buy it at the supermarket.  Or how about buying it at a local farmers market?  We don't have any of that available to us at a reasonable price within a reasonable distance.  

About 3 years ago I first heard of Bountiful Baskets on some blogs.  6 months later I heard of people in my huge surrounding area participating.  Almost 2 years ago a friend of mine became our volunteer site coordinator.  Myself and another friend are back-ups site coordinators.  

Bountiful baskets is completely run by volunteers.  No one is making any money.  Each week you choose to participate you log on and contribute your $15 (you only do organic?  no problem... they offer organic baskets every week for $25).  All the money goes into a pot and Sally and Tanya work to get us the freshest, best quality produce available.  

The best part is you NEVER know what you're going to get until you actually get your basket.  This has allowed us to try a whole slew of things we never would have bought at the store.  We usually get 6 different types of fruit and an additional 6 different types of vegetables.  It is WAY more than John and I can eat so we split it with another couple in our ward.  It works out perfect that way.  

They also have additional things you can order each week for an additional charge.  Their sourdough, rye, and honey whole wheat breads are our must haves!  We have also ordered cases of fruits or vegetables to can.  

So you want to know if there is a location near you?  Click here  to go check our locations.  Is your state not listed?  There isn't a site near you?  Grab a couple friends and request that a location near you be opened!  You'll be amazed by the value and help spread delicious food throughout your community. 

In full disclosure, I'm not being compensated at all for this post. I don't make any money for participating in or promoting the co-op.  I just love Bountiful Baskets and want every family to be able to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies at an affordable price.  

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