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Guest Article: Endometriosis Pain and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Endometriosis Pain and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Many women must deal with a painful disease called endometriosis, which happens when endometrial tissues which should only grow in the uterus becomes located in other areas of the body. Endometriosis is one of the top three reasons behind female infertility and while one of the most treatable, it remains largely untreated in many women. Some of the symptoms of the disease include endometriosis pain during the menstrual cycle, irregular periods, fatigue, rectal and stomach pain, miscarriage, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, painful sexual intercourse and frequent yeast infections, chemical sensitivities and allergies.

While there are medical methods used to treat endometriosis, there is no known cause and no cure for the disease, however, there are many things that a woman can do to manage the symptoms and make life more bearable. Studies have shown that a woman eating a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids has a less likely chance of developing endometriosis, while those with a diet heavy in trans-fats might be more at risk. Just as diet is important when a woman is
trying to conceive a baby, it is also very important when naturally trying to manage the symptoms of endometriosis. Omega-3 fatty acids may hold the key to erasing endometriosis pain and could decrease the chances of a woman ever developing the disease.

Women that observe a diet rich in long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids were 22% less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis than females that consumed the least amounts. A research study conducted using 70,000 American nurses as subjects followed the women over a 12-year period, and according to results a healthy diet is a key factor in the development of endometriosis. Just because a diet is low in fat does not mean it is healthy, women that consumed a diet high in trans-fats had a 48% increased risk of developing endometriosis, which means diet is a very important component in the lives of all females.

There are millions of women worldwide that suffer from endometriosis, many have spent countless numbers of years wondering how to go about managing the discomfort and pain and now through incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into the diet, there is a new reason to hope. Researchers have found that certain dietary changes can lessen the likelihood a woman has of developing the disease, but also determined that Omega-3 fatty acids have a protective quality against endometriosis. Long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, smelt and anchovies and are the healthiest way a woman can add the fats to her daily diet.

When trying to conceive, Omega-3 fatty acids not only play an important part in improving female fertility, but now are also linked to helping prevent or decrease the risk women have of developing endometriosis. Following the dietary recommendations of a medical professional and through regular incorporation of Omega-3 fatty acids into the diet, a woman can take steps to reduce trans-fats and decrease the risk of endometriosis or alleviate symptoms if already experiencing the disease.

This article was written by Tania. She co-writes the blog Trying to Concieve. Find out more about her and her blog here.

I just want to thank Tania for sharing this information with me and my readers. I think many of us endo gals are open to trying anything to relieve the pain endo causes. Thanks again!


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Great article, thank you Erika and Tanya! I know diet plays an important part in reducing the symptoms of my endometriosis, or at least, I sensed it. Thank you for sharing the info from an actual study - and a big study at that. I'm off to buy some avocadoes!