Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break 2012

This year for spring break we headed to Denver to see my brother, sister-in-law, and our niece.  Oh my gosh is she the cutest thing ever!
My brother promised it was just as warm there as it had been at my house the week before... This is how our car looked when we woke up the first morning! Luckily we packed warm clothes!
Sweetest little girl ever!
Daddy's home from school!  Yay!
Sleepy girl!
Playing with Uncle John
It had been a long night for this little one and her momma, so I went a took her around 6 am when I had stirred.  A couple hours later John took this picture of us.
Trying pickles for the first time.  She LOVED it!
Bass Pro Shops... we spent a lot of time wandering around this place while it was snowing outside!
We tried out the cots... so that I'd know what I wanted for Girls Camp this summer.  Plus Logan had been up since 4 or so that morning for class.  Lilly acts like she's done this before! (wake up daddy)

We visited Peyton Manning's new home, Sports Authority Field, home of the Broncos.

Out to dinner!
 Here are some scenery pictures from our 11 hour drive!

One of the many ski resorts in the mountains. 

Can you see the snowboarder up in the air in the half pipe?  Yeah, I captured this lucky shot driving down I-70.  So cool!

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