Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodbye Blue Monster! Rebel Success

Its done!  Yesterday afternoon Delna and I packed up our boxes together with John being very dutiful and helpful and wonderful because he stayed and helped me!  He was in charge of making copies and keeping the whole process organized.  (Cheryl decided she needed those last 24 hours, so she ditched us) ;) 

Here's pictures of the hour or so process... We completely took over the entire library!

Delna making final printouts and Cheryl and I in the background making labels so we wouldn't have to write our candidate ID number 100 times.

It was so nice to do this with someone else who was feeling as anxious as I was to get it out of our lives!

From mock box to the real deal!

4 entries and 1 forms envelopes all packed up waiting to be sealed

5 duplicate envelopes just in case something happens to the blue monster.

Sealing envelopes after one final check through.

Packed and ready to be sealed.

Sealing the blue monster.

Do we look thrilled enough!!?!?

Good bye blue monster!

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