Monday, April 9, 2012

Denver Children's Museum

Who said children's museums were just for kids?  I must say, even though its in the top 12 in the country... it's NO Indianapolis Children's Museum!  I guess we've all been a little spoiled.  However, we still had a blast!

We explored most of the entire museum.  A hit with John and Logan was the rocket room. They got to design their own rockets and then test them out on the launchers.  These two were so involved they didn't even realize I had taken their pictures! 

My favorite part was definitely the bubble room.  However, I LOVE bubbles, so that shouldn't surprise anyone. 

blowing big bubbles.
Logan in the bubble box and dry ice filled bubbles (the white things) that you were supposed to try and catch. 

Me trying out the bubble box. 

Finally figuring out this giant bubble making.

Ready set twirl!

We had a crowd watching us!
My favorite picture.. half popped, half not!
 Then, Lilly created her first works of art!
finger and toe painting.
A family affair.
getting into it.

I'm done!

Getting cleaned up in the sink.
Proud daddy with a souvenir.

 Finally we headed downstairs and found a whole area for kids 0-4.  There was a crawling obstacle course which Lilly loved.  Everything in the 0-2 areas were super soft all the treas were squishy.  the 3-4 year old ares were harder, but still everything was accessible. 
Finally, a place for little ones!

Fishing with Uncle John

 Thanks for a fun day out!!

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