Friday, December 10, 2010

HSG and Thyroid update

So I finally called to get my thyroid level test results. They came back at 3.8. I don't really know what that means, they said it was normal. But for the little research I did throughout the Internet it appears that it might be a little high. So I don't know what that will mean in the long run since my current Dr. thinks its normal.

Also, way back on the 1st I had my HSG (hysterosalpinogram) done. Remind me, next time, that when the Dr. offers stronger pain meds... TAKE THEM! It was awful! Seriously, one of the most painful 10 minutes of my life in recent years. I had it done 6 years ago, and I KNOW it wasn't as painful as it was this time. I waited this long to post about it hoping I'd know the results and what they mean, but alas, they never called me back to explain in normal words what it all means. Basically, what I gathered from all of the medical jargon was that my right tube has scarring, but it's still open (which i'm not quite sure how that works or what it will mean going forward.) Also, I have some uterine abnormalities... i don't remember what they called it. Hopefully, I'll get some "all of this means" information here soon. The receptionist that read me all of the results said the Dr. or Nurse at the office would call me either way, whatever that means.

Overall, nothing too productive. A lot of "up in the air"ness. I think that's what I hate most about this crazy roller coaster.


Life Happens said...

The HSG was the most painful thing! Not fun at all. I hope you can get some answers/explanation from your dr soon!

Chelle said...

Grr. Why are they taking so long getting you answers to your results? That seems a little weird to me. Hopefully there isn't anything going on that can be gotten around.

Thinking of you!

Alex said...

Ugh, that's frustrating! I can't believe they haven't given you any real info yet, do you have an appt coming up soon? Hope you get some answers soon! And yeah, those HSG's are HORRIBLE!!! ((Hugs))