Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lupron or Laparoscapy? That is the question..

Well I have spent 5 hours in the doctors office over the last two days having all kinds of people asking all kinds of questions. I also had various things all up in my business... that's always painful (at least for me). Needless to say, today I'm exausted, because then I went back to work because there were no substitutes.

Yesterday I met with the nurse, found out I had an infection, and was told I needed to meet with the Dr. and have an ultrasound. On my way out I was making all of my appointments (which usually you schedule 3 weeks in advance for this office at least!) but they had both appointments open for today so I booked them.

My mom was in town, and I always like having another pair of ears in the room, so she came with me. I finally (after 3+years at this office) met the actual doctor. He's a great guy. He was very straight forward about my options and also talked about IBS being a big cause of alot of my discomfort... I've thought that for a while now. He also said that I have 4 options:
  1. nothing (ok i'm a wimp I guess if some people can live through this with nothing)
  2. birth control pills (aka continue what I'm already doing)
  3. lupron with add back therapy
  4. laparoscapy

He is also trying to get my records from my previous lap 7 years ago... We'll see what happens there. Unfortunately I was 18 at the time and was very out of it after surgery when they were telling me how it went. Plus my mom was clear across the country then (hence why I like lots of ears in the room).

So I don't know what we'll decide. What are your experiences? What would you do? What do you think I should do?


Alex said...

I had my first Lap done about 18 months ago and I'm at the point again where I'm seriously considering asking for another one! I did a 6 month course of Lupron (with add-back) and I felt great for about 9 months... it's been steadily getting worse since then. :( Since it's been so long since your last Lap, I would go with that first... but thats just my opinion. I wish you the very best, I know how hard/frustrating/painful this all is. ((Hugs))

Lee Family said...

So you finally got to meet the Doc. He really is a sweet and understanding man. I'm glad that you finally got some answers. I know I may not be able to even come close to know how it is for you, but I am always here for you. Love ya!

Amanda said...

Hi Erika,

just found your blog after reading a comment on another one - hope you don't mind me popping by!

Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time, Endometriosis and IBS are both awful conditions which I suffer from too but I have no experience of PCOS so really can't imagine what that is like for you. As far as the Lurpon vs Laparoscopy debate goes from personal experience I would never try Lurpon again but I know that for some women it is helpful short-term and I'm glad I tried it because it was an option to try.

Let me explain - I'm almost 25 and for the first time since being diagnosed at 19 (and getting worsening pain despite no actual bleeding) the possibility of having children in the near future was a consideration. My gynae decided because of this and because I had complications with my last lap they wanted to avoid more surgery for a couple of years to reduce the risk of scarring and suggested Lupron. We were all for it but within a few days I was experiencing awful effects and by the end of the first month I wasn't functioning (I was psychotic, couldn't sleep, had so little energy I couldn't even wash my hair myself, I felt so sick I couldn't eat and lost weight, my workplace sent me home constantly because I looked so pale and drawn they thought I might collapse etc). For me the Lupron was a nightmare and now the GYN has decided a lap is the only other option.

I don't want to scare you and I do know my reactions were particularly bad - I just wanted to tell you why I personally would choose the lap (also the lap can show exactly what is going on in there which Lupron won't and as Alex said if you haven't had a lap in a while it's worth checking). But as I said before I am glad I tried Lupron because I'd have always wondered "what if" if I hadn't. I guess this isn't really that helpful in helping you decided is it? Sorry about that.

Have you been to any endo forums because there are plenty of people on those who have tried Lupron and will share their experiences, that helped me figure it out for myself.

This is such a long comment - I promise not to be so long-winded in future. Glad to have met you and I hope you find the answer you're looking for soon. Keep us updated.


Parenthood For Me said...

My lap revealed severe endo which I knew nothing about b/c I don't have pain. But I did have an ectopic pregnancy. The doctor said my ovary was fused to my uterus. They zapped as much as they could. I think I may get a nother lap in a couple of years to get rid of more of the endo.