Monday, March 2, 2009

A Little about Me and my Journey so far...

I'm a 25 year old married first grade teacher.

I've know about endomitriosis since I was 14 and couldn't survive some days at school without doubling over in pain. I've also been on BCP since then. When I was 18 and across the country from my family things got worse, and I couldn't even get out of bed on some days. That is when I had my first trip to an RE. 4 months later I had laproscopic surgery, again, with my mom across the country. They found endomitriosis and cauterized all that they found. They told me I had a moderate case. I then went to taking 2 BCP a day and never having a period.

A year and a half later I was then married and wanted children so I stopped taking the BCP on my own without consulting a Dr. My thought was the RE had always said the best "treatment" for endomitriosis was to get pregnant. 4months later with AF never showing i headed back to the Dr. Of course this was just a regular OBGYN new insurance, old RE not on the new plan. I had all kinds of things done with this Dr. Hysterosalpinogram, ultrasounds, among other things that I can't remember what they were called. All on top of the Progesterone and Clomid. A year later there was still no glimpse at us getting close to having a baby. Just me gaining 20 pounds or so.

Also we were graduating college and moving to start new jobs. So I'm still not taking any BCP and go without AF for another 6 months and gaining another 40 pounds. Before finally going to the SCARIEST Dr. office I've ever been to. They run all kinds of blood tests and talk to me about diabetes. I never got the results of those test... I paid over $600 that I shouldn't have and never saw a result. So 3 months later I head to a more reputable Dr. (By this time my employer had switched insurances as well so coverage was great now!) At this Dr. appt I have all the same blood work done, and when the results come I have PCOS with some hormone levels higher than ever seen before at this office. So now it's a double whammy.

I don't realize it at the time, but you can't treat or manage both of these conditions at the same time. By treating one you're bound to make the other worse. I've been treating the PCOS for the last 4 years. So now it's been 7 years since my first laparoscopy and I'm back to being doubled over in public places, having a hard time getting out of bed, and we've added horrible headaches to the mix (I don't remember them from before).

I still haven't made a Dr. appointment, I just don't have the time, nor the energy to make lesson plans, find a sub, and oh yeah... actually call for an appointment. It's time like this I wish I worked at a job that you could call in sick for and not worry about how the day ensued without you.


S said...

its nice to "meet" a fellow "cyster" (lord, seem to be full of these today).

the endo sounds freaking horrible. I don't know if I have endo, but the PCOS is bad enough.

here's to hoping for happy endings for both of us!!

onemorebaby said...

Girlie... so sorry you aare going though so much! I also have pcos, although mild. I don't have experience with endometriosis, though - my heart goes out to you. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get that baby soon!