Tuesday, May 1, 2012

San Francisco and Airplanes

 We had a wonderful time in San Francisco!  The fun started right away.  We flew Virgin America.  LOVE them!  As we were coming into land at SFO we were looking out the window and saw this...

 The following videos show our landing... 

yeah.  SCARY! 

I'm sure I wasn't supposed to have my camera... but I couldn't help it.  Hopefully I don't get in trouble! 

However, just so you know, SFO has parallel runways, and two planes can land at virtually the same time and everything turns out alright.

While we were sitting on the runway, waiting to take off to come home we also saw this...
 What?  You don't KNOW what this is?  Why it's an Airbus A380 the largest passenger jet in the whole world! 

As you can see here one plane can land and another take off almost simultaneously, too!

 Then after take off when they told us we could use electronic devices again I got these great shots from the air. 
 The whole peninsula.  Such a great shot I can use to teach my kids at school about geographical landforms!

I love views of the ground, especially the beach, from the air!

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