Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Better, Thanks!

Well, we're now a week later. I've had a healthy dose of perspective, a famous psychologist explain to me (without knowing me or directing it at me) why I've been loving my video games recently, and the Dr. office finally called.

It's amazing what perspective does for me. I'm very much a reactive person. I don't think, I just do, feel, say whatever immediately. Over the last several years, I've tried to change this about myself because I generally felt regret and guilt over my reactions.

So last Monday, after I received the fax of the report and was feeling sorry for myself and my friend asked how I was and I replied, "awful right now, but once I go home and find some perspective in the grand scheme of things, I'll be fine and tomorrow is a new day."

I've come A LONG way people!

Howard Glasser, the famous ADHD specialist and psychologist, came to our little school district for a presentation Friday. He was discussing his various philosophies and I latched on to his ideas about why children LOVE video games. Needless to say, its a control-boundaries-rewards thing. They have control, concrete boundaries, and constant rewards for little achievements (coins, tickets, etc). It hit me in that moment, as he's explaining why it's so addicting for them, that I've been the "little kid" and addicted this last week. I got Epic Mickey for Christmas (thanks Kami!) I LOVE IT! It all made perfect sense since I have no control over seemingly any part of my life lately as to why I would love playing silly video games for HOURS at a time. (Especially since John is NEVER home on weeknights) I can control the character. I know the rules and what happens if I break them. Plus I love the praise, praise, praise! Needless to say, big AH HA moment, and explanation for my latest obsession!

Howard was also a huge inspiration for me in dealing with my students. Can I just say, today was SO.MUCH.BETTER! Hallelujah! The Nurtured Hear approach works, even if you don't have it perfected yet. I mean for heaven sake, I had a student apologize to me for his behavior today... SHOCKING!

Overall, while exhausted, I feel much better about life in general.

When I hear back about what the plan is for going forward in dealing with my arcuate/septated/bicornuate uterus I'll let you know the plans.

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Chelle said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I know in those dark moments I just need to find the bits of light to be able to pull myself out of the funk. Sometimes it is easier than others, and sometimes it just takes a bit longer. All that matters is that we don't like being there and do all we can to get out of it.

I can totally see how video games would be addicting for those reasons. It does feel good to accomplish a mission, beat a level, get gold coins, etc. It is a constant positive... most of the time. lol