Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy ICLW: February Edition

Well hello everyone!

I'm really sorry if you stopped by and were smacked in the face with my last post... it was pretty deep, heartfelt, and full of emotions. If you're ready for that feel free to keep reading.

This week is one of my favorites every month. I find so many new blogs to read and LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the comments!

Here's some details about me
  • 26
  • married almost 7 years
  • PCOS and ENDO diagnosis
  • not currently ttc
  • husband is back in school
  • teacher
  • most likely after last week, going to be having another Lap. in the nearer future
  • first Lap. was 8 years ago

I love this community. I'm thrilled to have the support, friendship, and "i'm not the only one in this boat" feeling. Thanks to all of you for that!


AmandaMqn said...

I love ICLW too! It offers such a great support for people.

*Happy ICLW!

Sonja said...

Nice to meet you!

Loved your previous post, btw *hugs*


Wishing 4 One said...

I too love love love all of you here- lifesavers and sanity savers is what I call you. Thanks for stopping by. Happy iclw.

PFM said...

I was married in 2003 too- in September. Can't believe its been almost 7 years!

KD said...

I am new to this ICLW thing, but I am loving that I found all of these blogs that have to do with PCOS, Endo, chronic pelvic pain, etc. I have been suffering from these for years and it is such a blessing to not feel so alone knowing there are so many other women out there with these same issues!