Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home Sweet, Awkward Home

Well it's Wednesday night so I've been home for 60 hours. It's been INTERESTING! The plane ride was awful, the ride home was fun, and walking in the door I was handed a chore chart for the week. Today I was in charge of dishes, cooking, and walking Griffy. Let's just say, John cooked dinner. This evening everyone is gone except Logan, John and I. So we're playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. Yup, we're old school!

It's been an overall good time... with some VERY awkward moments.
Monday Skylar got his wisdom teeth out which led to some very hilarious moments including him giving himself a pep talk in the mirror to swallow his pills, him singing "Oh where , oh where has my swallow gone?", and freaking out over a boiling pot of water he thought we were going to cook him in. Monday was also my aunt's birthday and they came up so we could celebrate. We also had a great showing from my brothers' friends. There were probably 17 people in and out that evening!

I went to lunch with my dear friend Gretchen today. We have so much in common and always have a great time sharing our lives catching up. Gretchen came over for a few hours to talk about Twilight, which she is just now reading... we had a blast! Plus it was a great chance for me to find out all about the behind the scenes stuff from her wedding!

Today Tanner and Bob (my 17 yr old brother and mom's husband) had a moment of severe contention in front of a bunch of company so that is one of the many reasons why everyone has gone their separate ways this evening. I just don't know how to deal with Bob. It's not that I don't like him or that I'm not glad he married my mom. I'm so glad they are married and happy! I just don't know what he expects of me, and he has as many mood/personality swings as every one else in our family! While I've been home he either is ignoring us or railing us with questions about things we really don't know the answer to or care to share the answer with him. So I'm not sure how to treat him or react to him especially when he's correcting my grammar.

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to the Children's Museum and I'M SO EXCITED!!! Then we will serve dinner at the homeless shelter. Should be a great Christmas Eve. Love my family, glad I'm here, hoping things with Bob get less awkward soon. Any advice on dealing with step fathers would be greatly appreciated... I've considered having a DTR (define the relationship) discussion with him... I just lose my courage when it comes time, or I'm annoyed and don't want to come off that way. Hope you're all having a lovely week leading up to Christmas.


Lorri Jeanne said...

Mario Kart was our favorite game! I hope the family issues get better soon.

Merry Christmas!!

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