Monday, October 17, 2011

So Busy!

Well, there's been SO MUCH going on in our lives!  We've been in several states (more than the usual 3) over the past few weeks and been through several life changing events. 
  • my mom sold our house of 16 years
  • my family moved
  • my brother and his wife welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world and decided to head to college for culinary school (and b/c he's so awesome he got accepted to the top two schools in the country!)
  • my youngest brother went through the temple for the first time
  • my mom now lives 30 minutes away :)
Over the last month life just became very different for me!

My house has not seen any sort of cleaning in forever.  I currently have pieces to my childhood table and my mom's bed set scattered throughout my house.  I have NO Halloween decorations up, and I LOVE Halloween!  One of these days life will settle down, I'll put all my furniture together, and clean my house.  Not this week though, report cards and parent teacher conference... here I come!

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