Monday, May 18, 2009


So EVERY time I go to the doctor I'm told that I'm too stressed and my issues are all magnified by stress so I need to destress my life. When they ask me about how stressful my life is I just laugh at them. Here's the stress going on last week and this week in a nut shell. I'm hoping typing all of this out will help ease some stress and help me sleep a little better tonight (last night I woke up terrified that people were after me with guns... nice dream eh?).

  • Being told I'm teaching a 1st 2nd grade SEI split class next year. (How ? I'm not sure yet!)
  • Children missing (didn't get off at their bus stop type things) two days in a row.
  • Our missing principal (so his wife was having a baby... it is still really difficult when he's gone!)
  • Thursday our car dies (yes it's really dead after 11 years and 180,00+ miles it'll take $1800 to fix)
  • Friday John fixes what we know is wrong himself (it doesn't work)
  • Saturday was spent trying to get the car to St. George (John does good work!)
  • Sunday no primary president or pianist in primary... unexpected.
  • Today took the day of but spent it at school putting hands on the wall, end of the year Reading Rewards parade, End of year Dibels Report to keep funding for next year, ran to Mesquite to get treats for all of the parties this week, went to St. George after school to move the car to Bob's house after finding out how much it is to fix the car, grocery shopping, and finally coming home... all of this today has been accompanied by the worst headache I've had in a long time.
  • This week is the last week of school which means report cards, end of 4th quarter testing, finishing 16 scrapbooks, cleaning our room, getting name tags off desks...etc, etc, etc!
  • Students of the Month need to be recognized by Friday... (i'm in charge of making their certificates...)

Now don't get me wrong there have been multiple blessings in all of this, I see them and am extremely grateful for them. It doesn't make it less stressful or easy, but it does help me stay focused on the long term goals.

Needless to say, my next trip to the Dr. probably won't go any better. And I'm sure if I took my blood pressure today it would be THROUGH THE ROOF!

Here's to a new day tomorrow, let's hope things start looking up!


Jennifer said...

I find posting about my stress does help a lot I hope by typing it all out that you get a great nights sleep (stress free) :)

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Hope it made you feel better to write it all down:) I'm seem to worry & stress out too often myself:( And have crazy dreams "every night"!!! I often yell out things like- I said stop!!... Supid!! or.. NO!!!!

ya I'm crazy..ha ha I'm trying to do my best to not stress out though:) Praying for you!!!

Have a blessed day!


Alex said...

I hear you... hope your days have been getting better. Finding time to de-stress is so hard but I hope that this Memorial Day weekend helps at least a liiiiiitle!!! :)

Parenthood For Me said...

As a teacher this is the worst time of year to try and destress right?

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Wow! What a week you've had!

As a fellow teacher, here's hoping the end of the school year flies by for you, so that some of your stressors are decreased.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just here for the current round of Blogger Bingo. I hope those stress levels are under control? :) I can't believe you doctor nags you to de-stress - that won't help! Thankfully mine used to just tell me not to worry about the stress, that it was inevitable, & everyone going through IF has to deal with it.